Who’s Playing

2009 will surely go down as a Very Good Vintage.
Here are Playing Times.

There’s too many great things here to list ‘in order’, so let’s go alphabetical:


Please note that unfortunately Crocodiles have had to cancel their Australian Tour do to illness of a family member. We wish them all the best. The fantastic Witch Hats now join the LineUp as a late addition; they play Friday evening.


akron If you aren’t familiar with sensational hippy psych stompy folksy homemade downhome wigout trippers AKRON/FAMILY or their masterpiece albums then This would be the time to tune in, drop out etc. Previous album ‘Love is Simple’ was a full-scale epic, the newie ‘Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free’ kicks off a whole new riotous technicolour episode. (”percussive thunder and anthemic electric guitars… touching on everything from Fela Kuti to Sly And The Family Stone in under six psychedelic minutes. Whether it’s the celebratory sing-along gospel of Gravelly Mountains of the Moon, the lush folk sounds of Sun Will Shine, or MBF, which lies at the intersection of primal punk rock and heavy free jazz…”). Golly. You may as well go home after they play, it’ll be like a whole Meredith in one set. Do they do Tai Chi? Their live shows are a thing of legend, one celebrated occasion saw the band lead the audience and 20-odd musicians from the stage in an Arkestra-like free-for-all to a riotous, shirtless and sing-a-long parade in the streets. This is beyond unhinged, it’s no door at all. Jamb jam. Blow the house down. First time in Australia.

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Aunty has never had as many passionate requests for a band as she received for Animal Collective this year. People were pleading with her to ‘get Animal Collective’ with a religious fervour, as though it wasn’t just a really good idea, it was something that had to happen, because it would mean time + place = a Happening. Magnificently, it is happening.Animal Collective’s evolution from weird, almost field-recording material to very danceable pop has been fascinating. Their steady ascent to the heady zenith puts them in Rare Air; they are the one-per-generation band that is already legendary AND totally at the height of their powers. High priests. Not just an island but an archipelago; Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist bring their freak folk noise pop+ to Meredith Saturday evening.

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bag-raiders Late at nite in the Amphitheatre things tend to tilt slowly to the left, then over-correct and spill fast the other way. Somewhere in the tumble these Sydney boys will touch down in the Super for the first time. Their irresistible track Shooting Stars is blowing up all over the world, they’ve remixed to the remax and they’ve thoroughly earned their rails-run as Summer’s hottest. Listen like thieves.

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The City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band follows the traditional English brass band format, which is distinct from other types of band combinations such as military, concert, or symphonic. To maintain the unique distinctive sound that only a brass band can produce, woodwind, reed and stringed instruments are not used. Difficult marches such as Scindian, The Arabian, The Cossack etc. were some of the marches the band played. During the first half of the 1950’s, the band was considered to be the level of any marching band in Australia. Huge crowds would assemble at their prestigious performances. 2009 might see history repeated.

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jarvis Contemporary icon, cult legend, cultural touchpoint, occasional social commentator, master songwriter, ‘Face’ and much-adored entertainer…yes, Jarvis Cocker is coming to Meredith. Repeat, Jarvis Cocker will be gracing The Supernatural this Summer. How.un.believably.good.is.that.com.mmf.sweetjesus. Jarvis’ trademark suave swagger and wit is merely the icing on the cake of a prodigious Midas-like talent. Everything he touches turns to Jarvis. It’s no wonder he tops Fantasy Dinner Guest lists all over the civilized world; it’s going to be a wonderful thing just to have him there (might he drop by the Flamingo? take a ride on The Eye?), let alone playing tunes from his FANTASTIC two solo albums (Jarvis, 2006 and “Further Complications”, 2009) with his red hot band.After Pulp (1978 – 2002, the group’s heady climax book-ended by ‘Common People’ becoming an anthem at Glastonbury in 1995, and Jarvis invading the stage during Michael Jackson’s performance at the Brit Awards), Jarvis consoled himself with semi-retirement and moved to Paris. No longer identifying with the “Jarvis Cocker” of the public imagination, he tried an alter-ego to try and rid himself of some of the un-parental thoughts coursing through his ever febrile imagination.Sooner or later – as he himself recently observed – the big stuff comes around, however. And Jarvis was forced to confront the fact that he was, in fact, ill equipped for life outside the performance arena. And so, he started writing songs to be sung by himself again. One of the first to emerge was the sensational ‘C*nts Are Still Running The World’, written in response to the rock-cum-politics love-in of the G8 summit in Glasgow. The appearance of his debut solo album ‘Jarvis’ at the end of 2006 was greeted with an open-armed goodwill it is hard to imagine being reserved for many other singers. Apparently Jarvis realized that his band rocked a bit harder than he thought so his second (classic) album ‘”Further Complications”‘ with Steve Albini producing does indeed rock. It’s got fantastic reviews the globe over and shows Jarvis, of course, took his time to ensure nothing but top quality bore his name. Standout tracks include Angela,Further Complications and well all of them really. He is a REMARKABLE ARTIST in every sense. He writes songs for a select everyone from Marianne Faithfull to Harry Potter, comes up with classic live covers, and humbly posts apologies for falling asleep after soundcheck instead of signing autographs. Jarvis Cocker. How bout that.

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The 30-legged Peruvian Groovian Phenomenon Combo La Revelacion will continue their mutual love affair with Meredith this year. There’s not a lot to say here except that this band is about the biggest hit of the festival year after year – it’s been fourteen now – and we are very thankful They Still Call Meredith Home.

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crocodiles Unfortunately Crocodiles have had to cancel their tour due to illness of a family member and won’t be appearing at Meredith….

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This is what Aunty wrote a few years ago; there’s not much to add, other than Saturday Night Primetime Heavyweight Bona Fide Headliner:There’s a great Australian tradition of small club / pub rock and roll bands. Bands that don’t come into being simply in order to ‘make it to the top’ or even have a ‘career’. Bands that do it because they cant not do it. The very best of these have something wild and mercurial about them, some powerful element that takes them beyond….beyond standard, beyond their peers, beyond reasoning. It becomes fathomless. When one of those bands form, then plays for a few years, then really starts hitting their straps…well, that’s something to see. Eddy Current Suppression Ring is one of those bands. Pure, unbridled, skilful, nebulous rock and roll. Four people on the same wavelength, all antennae tuned fine to the fuse as it works its way inevitably towards explosion. This band is just so unbelievably, unpredictably good. Love ‘em.

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SIA It’s not such a long way from Adelaide to the hip world’s biggest stages, into the (c)hearts and minds of the crème of the pop crop. Not if you’ve got a freakish talent, a pure way of expressing it and a self-belief so strong you’re prepared to let it go. Sia Furler does and she deserves every accolade she gets. It hasn’t been a standard road, no, but, yes, Sia has a Grammy nomination, the #1 pop download album of the year on itunes, a video (Buttons) that sits second-most-watched in Youtube history, co-writes with Beck and Cristina Aguilera, a house shared with Fab Moretti, a small fortune spent on therapy and although is one of The Listening World’s major pop artists, is still her own cult. The cult is there cos the music is quality and the path evolved, it ain’t smoke and mirrors… it’s Sia Music, no pigeonhole. Friday night’s most introverted extravert.About ten years ago, Sia packed her bags, bought an open-ended, round the world plane ticket and went In Search Of. Eventually she would settle in London, have a Top 10 hit with her first single – the Prokofiev sampling “Taken For Granted” – and in 2001 released her critically acclaimed, R&B inflected debut album, ‘Healing Is Difficult’. However, a week before first arriving in London tragedy struck when the man she describes as her “first true love” was run over and killed by a black cab on Kensington High Street.New album ‘Some People Have Real Problems” (”like no Mum or no legs..” explains Sia) is a wonderfully assured musical step. From the bitter sweet resolve of “Little Black Sandals”, to the separation of “You Have Been Loved” and the overwhelming joy of “Day Too Soon”, it’s a staggering, coming-to-your-senses album. A collection of songs about loss and moving on, that’s as hopeful as it is tragic, finding the sweet spot between love and longing. Beck – who co-wrote “The Bully” on ‘Colour The Small One’ – returns to add his unique sensibility to the cute mathematical love of “Academia” and with the strident “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine” confirming that she’s leaving her troubles firmly behind her, it’s surely the sound of Sia finally dispatching what by anyone’s standards was a dark period.

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Jon Spencer has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with ferocity and wild abandon he has becaome an archetypal rock figure in modern music history. The wake of his groovy hate-f*ck combo Pussy Galore still smoulders with the stench of avant punk trash and nasty garage ooze and grind, while his towering work with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion remains an indelible totem to his enormous mojo spirit and red-hot power of deliverance. He is Daddy Boss Hog! He is the Blues Exploder and Microphone Destroyer! The man who shared a Chicken Dog with Rufus Thomas, got Soul with R.L. Burnside, and enjoyed a greasy Lap Dance with Andre Williams! He is The Man Who Loved too Much!!! And while the Blues Explosion is on a rock’n’roll holiday, Jon has not rested! He has chosen the righteous path…Matt Verta-Ray grew up in the loving arms of left wing parents who would take him to folk and blues shows long before he sprouted sideburns. (His mother passed away in the ’90s, still angry that Dylan had gone electric) In the late ’70s, young Matt found himself one of only twelve people who went to see Bo Diddley at a Canadian fairground. After the show, Bo came out and preached to Matt for an hour about the dark secrets of rock’n’roll. And the rest, as they say, is history. Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray are Heavy Trash. Committed to the point of mania, Heavy Trash really puts out the bins.

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paul-kelly The Don of Australian music will be finally and gloriously appearing in the Amphitheatre as the sun sets on Saturday. The PK canon is staggering; he is into his fourth decade of making music that people love, and his popularity is growing faster than ever as his catalogue and current albums re-generate new waves of fans. Always with a crack band around him, we really are delighted Mr Kelly has accepted the invitation to sing Meredith some songs; all the sweeter for being an idea a decade+ in gestation. Paul Kelly = Great Songs. I mean…To Her Door, From St Kilda to King’s Cross, Before Too Long, Dumb Things, Deeper Water, How To Make Gravy, God Told Me To, Stolen Apples, Careless, Leaps and Bounds, Look So Fine Feel So Low, Darling It Hurts, Sweet Guy, When I First Met Your Ma, From Little Things Big Things Grow, Don’t Start Me Talking, Most Wanted Man In The World, Billy Baxter, Shane Warne Song, You’re 39, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine, Winter Coat, Keep It To Yourself, She’s A Melody, Every F*cking City, Bradman….and that’s not even half of them. 99.94. Sunset Saturday. Clear your throat.

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You know Something is going on when several people from different departments of your life with no vested interest tell you they “think you’d love” this new band. Within about half a song of the first listen you just Know they’re Right. Tall cousins Kishore Ryan and Kieran Ryan are the melted, subverted, deconstructed, troubadour duo Kid Sam. They played their first gig in January 2006, then Kieran went away for the rest of that year and Kishore got a job in a supermarket and wrote some poems. Their songs traverse themes of violence, romance and the politics of the everyday, distilling the history of intelligent song writing within them. The drums are constantly reassessing their shape as Kieran’s rich vocals romance the listener. The result is subtle, subversive pop. Kid A-Z.

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kitt-daisy-lewis Where the hell do these kids come from? They’re just teenagers, they’re dead set, how do you have such a defined and refined look and sound? Did they do a deal with The Other Guy? Rock and roll you can dance to, like at the dancehall back in the day, a family band, acoustic instruments….shock and amazement at the seriously-fun-authenticity. First tour to these shores, and you can be absolutely sure they are going to have an absolute blast.”We play old music but we’re playing it now,” says Lewis. “You can’t just strum. You have to do it with fire.” Lewis, 17, is the middle child to his sisters Kitty, 15 and Daisy, 18, and he’s a fully pompadoured teenage rocker, fully conversant in rare rock ‘n’ roll, a DJ of 78″ records . Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a thoroughbred sensation, playing 40’s/50’s rockabilly and swing, country and western, Hawaiian and rock ‘n’ roll with a verve, skill and energy that connects them back to the far past and the super-shiny future.Watch on YouTubeListen on Myspace


From his days in Organized Konfusion to the Rawkus records era, ‘Simon Says’ and beyond, Pharaohe Monch has stayed a vital, relevant artist. Hailing from the borough of Queens, Pharaohe has stayed true to the gritty New York Hip Hop aesthetic all along. Regarded as one of the finest live performers in Hip Hop, Pharaohe will be along way from home, make him feel welcome…Pharoahe Monch’s name is derived from the monkey dolls, Monchhichis. After receiving a bad haircut, which left Monch looking like a “chimpanzee”, girls in Monch’s class at the High School of Art and Design began calling him “Monchhichi”, which was later shortened to “Monch”. Monch adopted the “Pharoahe” prefix after meeting future Organized Konfusion partner Prince Po.Pharoahe Monch’s third solo album W.A.R. (Let My People Go) in 2009, is a “throwback to 1993, ‘94 hip-hop” and features production by Black Milk, Mr. Porter, Lee Stone & M-Phazes.

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royal-crown-revue More fun for funlovers. Friday Nite Fun this time. You’ll be in, set up, fed, watered and ready to let out a year’s worth of tension just at the time this most swingin’ of combos takes to the One and Only. LOS ANGELES, CIRCA 1991…flanked by grunge bands to the north and hair bands to the south, singer Eddie Nichols and tenor man Mando Dorame decided it was time for something completely different. Royal Crown Revue began a two-year house gig at a fledging club in Hollywood, which would play a pivotal role in the band’s career. Built by Cecil B. DeMille in the 1920’s, The Derby had undergone a major restoration, and its art deco motif proved the perfect setting for the band’s stylish looks and high-energy delivery. Within months, RCR was playing to packed houses, creating a huge buzz in LA and beyond, and drawing influential Hollywood players interested in seeing old made new again. At risk of contravening Meredith’s long-standing One-Music-Source-Only Policy, maaaaaybe we should ask them to play a late-late-nite set in the Pink Flamingo Bar? RCR would be stars in any era.

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How about a live set from a brilliant German with a deep abiding love of soul, rare groove and Detroit House? Some artists seem to suddenly appear from nowhere. But there’s also something to be said for developing your craft, biding your time, accumulating the knowledge needed to be a true sonic excavator. Henrik Schwarz’s musical emergence has been by the latter, far more scenic, path. As such, both his own productions and his experimental live sets are stuffed to the gills with music’s “one true elixir”, soul. “I was never really into rock music, I think it is another form of energy that I don’t understand too well, but soul and funk was different, groove became my guiding principle.” Henrik’s unique remix abilities are much in demand today. Having transformed music for such a glittering roll call as Coldcut, Alex Smoke, Induceve, Alton Miller and Tosca, it’s fair to say Henrik is moving on Up. Wonder what he’ll be thinking about as he passes through, say, Bannockburn, en route to Meredith. We’re not in Ravensburg now. Live set. The Late Show.

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thee-o-sees More fun here, direct from the coolest street of Garageville USA. Thee Oh Sees write tunes like they’d lived it and then play ‘em like they mean it. Underground gem John Dwyer was Pink in Pink and Brown, fronted Coachwhips, and played guitar in the dysfunctional Hospitals and is friend and devotee of Lightning Bolt. His repertoire mostly falls on the indie spectrum’s more visceral wavelengths. If you’re unfamiliar, search YouTube for a crash course – popular tags “garage,” “punk,” and “sweat.”Thee Oh Sees have been around for six albums, in different incarnations, different names (OCS, the Oh Sees, et al.) and different sounds. Thee latest album “Help” draws straight, dark lines to the British psychedelic rock of bands like the Creation, caveman thud of The Troggs and a Cramps-like appreciation for rockabilly (a random theme this Meredith). Some tracklistings just make you wanna listen to the record…1. Enemy Destruct, 2. Ruby Go Home, 3. Meat Step Lightly, 4. A Flag Unfurled, 5. Tile Turn Around, 6. Can You See 7. Rainbow, 8. Go Meet The Seed, 9.I Can’t Get No, 10. Soda Street #1, 11. Destroyed Fortress, 12. Peanut Butter Oven. (Turn the youtube clip below way up, sound is low, song is unrl)

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Do not miss The Middle East.

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tumbleweed2 There’ll be a whole section of Meredithians who grew up with Tumbleweed part of their musical landscape, and its been a long time between ta/okes…Wollongong’s finest inspired a whole generation of music lovers when they emerged in The Early 90s, bursting onto the scene in a huge way courtesy of a national support slot to (only) Australian tour by Nirvana.The band’s debut 7″ single, “Captain’s Log”, was recorded by Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm and legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino. With their single “Stoned”, an EP titled Weedseed and the single “Acid Rain” making them bigger by the day, the ‘Weed’s self-titled debut album was released to massive praise and chart sales. Back then, an independent band in the charts was highly remarkable. Then came the classic albums Galactaphonic and Return To Earth, all the while undertaking countless tours around the country as well as throughout the UK. They never did play Meredith, though both festival and band started at the same time. Feels good, do it.


Yoni Wolf grew up the second son to an art book editor and a rabbi. He got his start recording bad poems and sloppy beats on the family synagogue’s forgotten 4-track. In junior high he discovered hip-hop; in art school he discovered drop-out. His brother Josiah played drums at worship service as a tot, dominated Concert Band as a teen, and fell in love with the compositions of Thelonious Monk at Uni. Doug McDiarmid would eventually get expelled from the same Uni for carrying a stun gun, but was first conceived by two French teachers and taught piano while in kindergarten. In various permutations, these three travelled thru many freewheeling rap and lo-fi bedroom-rock related projects. Their wildest dreams were achieved when they relocated to the West to make pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop. Cue the beloved Elephant Eyelash, serious illuminati acclaim, and a fanatical www following. Third LP Alopecia is a collection of hard rhymes and raw-spun songs forced through the stubborn smile of a life-lover scorned and reborn; an album of bone-dry jokes, suicides played out in poem, musings on final moments written inside of restrooms, begrudging self-affirmation, and the grit and glories of every day living. For the first time in Australia, WHY? not?

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patrick-wolf Bringing something to Meredith that hasn’t been brought before, we immediately warmed to Patrick and the cult that quite rightly is building around him. When news of his possible Meredith performance leaked/got guessed , we got a torrent of email from his Australian fans hoping it was true, such is the reverance and passion his fans have for him. Lazy, futile attempts to categorize Patrick the artist include terms like androgynous/wunderkind/feathers/leather/chains/goth but far better that you use your own eyes and ears and dive headlong into the Sea of Wolf, if you haven’t already. Sonically, Patrick is grand and dramatic; lyrically he is intense and honest; conceptually he is very conceptual. There’s no one reference point, he is inimitably Patrick Wolf. One glance at his online numbers shows that our alphabetical-lineup-listing belies the fact he has a srsly vast worldwide following, and no (boy) wonder.

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Totally, TOTALLY smashed the place last year. We rarely repeat things two in a row but we’d be lynched if we didn’t do this. They tore the Super a newie last year at a time that the energy had perhaps gotten a little sog… maybe this year they’ll have a rolling start and break even more records. Two of the finest partystarters the globe over set sail for Meredith all the way from The Rat, 3350. One of the biggest latenite hits the amphi has ever seen. Couldn’t resist, popular demand. yacht-club


yacht Yacht’s people say this:

  • This information is going to be presented in bullet form because YACHT is very committed to efficiency:
  • In fact, if this presentation could somehow be a PowerPoint presentation YACHT would be absolutely thrilled
  • YACHT would use as many transitions effects possible in one PowerPoint presentation
  • YACHT’s favourite transition effect is: confetti (without gravity)
  • The Summer Song was originally recorded as a love letter to tourmates LCD Soundsystem
  • YACHT is surprised that DFA wanted to release the song (and album!)
  • Yacht is kind of a band, but mostly it’s a genre-and-media spanning life project founded and led by Jona Bechtolt of Portland, Oregon. Bechtolt (and new member Claire L. Evans) make anthemic OCD power jams, soak them in holy water and rewrite them into new mantras.
  • Over the past 2 years Yacht played more than 200 shows in 17 countries around the world touring with such luminaries as LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, High Places, Architecture in Helsinki.
  • File Under: Mildy-psychedelic danceable 2000s-era grunge music
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“The power of Music. all things fuzzy, droney, noisey, proggy and groovy. The work of kurt vonnegut, milan kundera, simryn gill, terrence mckenna, stanley kubrick, robert anton wilson, bill hicks, stanislav grof, The Fly.” is how Sydney hard rocking fourpiece Regular John lists their influences. No wonder they have been anointed by the rock illuminati around the place. The tranquility of the normally peaceful Nolan farm will be… disturbed… by Regular John’s irregular rock n roll heartbeat on Friday afternoon. Blokes you can trust. With solos.

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timsweeney Another DFA alumni will be rolling it all out on Friday night. Tim Sweeney’s show Beats in Space is one of the most influential and legendary radio shows on the planet over the distance. Like a John Peel or Pete Tong to their respective people, Tim Sweeney’s show gave context to a whole new world of DJs and producers that are turning heads; a subscene of cosmic, nu-disco and beyond. He’s an international connector, conduit, conductor. Seems appropriate for the Supernatural to host him as he hoists us. Dog cosmonaut.

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A treasure that should be shared by more people. Give yourself a treat right now and take ten minutes of your day to listen to some truly wonderful rock music. Go to their myspace. Wow. Linda J has been playing in bands for more than a decade and yet weirdly has only just made a recording. That long awaited event plus a direct injection of a new player in the band makes The Dacios unbeatable. Last band Sunday. What a way to go.

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ohmercy Classy. Reeeeaaal classy. Seemingly voted/urged/pushed/requested onto the Meredith stage by a proud Melbourne+ and deservedly so. The debut album is full of top quality songs, could be from any country in any era, but with something of the Australian underground singer-songwriter-band tradition (bands who formed to actually express an idea) going on here that resonates loud without being loud. Classy. Choice.

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Fast becoming the sleeper hit of the festival, Silence Wedge is back for two more virtuoso performances at the 19th Meredith. For those of you who have been before, you’ll know the best thing you can do for a Meredith newcomer is make sure they don’t miss Silence Wedge. silencewedge


mafia Keeping the party going post-Yacht Club late Satdee noight is renowned sneaker freak, hip hop junkie and AAA-grade party-starter M.A.F.I.A. Having grown up at the fruition of Hip Hop in the late ’70s/early ’80s, M.A.F.I.A. became FLUORO BREAKER after falling in love with Boogaloo Shrimp in Breakin’. After winning every B-Girl competition she entered, M.A.F.I.A hung up her knee spin for the turntables after amassing a huge collection of original pressing Hip Hop 12″s. She has supported Dizzee Rascal, Snoop Dogg, Vanilla Ice, Spank Rock, Kid Cudi, A-Trak, CSS, Girl Talk, Chromeo, Felix Da Housecat, South Rakkas Crew, N.E.R.D, Grandmaster Flash, Tittsworth and a host of others. Expect her to be poppin’ out hip hop/rnb/booty bass/bmore/cock rock/pop and everything in between.

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A local band that has been around in a few forms (once lovingly described as “Television meets Lord of the Rings”), the time is ripe for their instrumental fruits to be deflowered and devoured first thing Sunday morning. Possibly opening with a mashup from the Tai Chi background music, Kes Band has morphed into an elaborately ornamental orchestra (”epic and miniature” – mess and noise) arranged around the mild-to-wild unbridled guitaristics of Karl E Scullin.

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wagons Finally roll into the Supernatural, and not a moment too soon. Henry and co are due. They’ve paid theirs. (whatever that means). Wagons will be a Sunday primetime hit.

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They have always been one of Aunty’s fauverites, they were last seen in the amphi six years ago, and in their 21st Anniversary Year, Oz Rock’s former (!) “perennial underdogs” will be celebrating the non-failure on the Sunday. The Fauves high-quality canon is packed with fully-realized songs in many styles done with panache and wit; they have a horde of loyal followers, and above all, The Fauves = good rockin fun. Thanks for coming back chaps.

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nathanfake To our ears Nathan Fake’s psychedelic epic “The Sky Was Pink’ seems as if it was custom made for The Twitching Hour in the Amphitheatre. Fake began producing music at his families farm in Norfolk, UK whilst still a teenager. Although inspired by the guitar terror of My Bloody Valentine and Warp records twisted electronica, Fake’s music rarely diverts from the classic 4/4 pulse. Experience the musical hallucination than is Nathan Fake as the sky opens on Sunday morning quite possibly turning pink. Shepherd’s warning.

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That’s The Scoop. Hope to see you in The Sup.