Supernatural Amphitheatre


The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre is situated on the edge of a farm, about 90 kms due West of Melbourne, halfway between Geelong and Ballarat, twelve kms from the nearest town (Meredith).

The venue is a spectacular, permanent site, set up specifically for both the Meredith Music Festival and her sister festival Golden Plains. It has been purpose-built and continually-refined using 19 years of collective know-how to provide a premium experience for performer and patron alike.

The stage is nestled in a grove of giant ghost gum trees, with a natural amphitheatre bowling up around it, crowned by an arc of gigantic cypress trees. There a feeling of spaciousness – it’s a huge site – you can easily find some peace and quiet if you choose. You can also easily see and hear the artists on stage from anywhere in the Supernatural Amphitheatre. It’s a magic set-up.

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