Meredith Gift

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Click here to watch edited highlights of The Gift from 1996 onwards.


With special guest Giftmistresses The Town Bikes

The world's stupidest foot race, The Meredith Gift will be held on the Sunday afternoon of the Festival. The winner will take home the coveted Golden Jocks, as well as a case of cold beverages. Other prizes come courtesy of the generous sponsor of The Meredith Gift, Crumpler Bag Company. Crumpler are based in Melbourne and are currently looking after the bagging needs of the progressive modern human being, in a number of countries around the world.


Speaking of bags, the Meredith Gift is a completely nude sprint, of about 80 metres. See below on this page for The Rules. Anyone at the festival can enter (its free), as long as they are nude. It all started in 1992 when one of the bands was late to arrive on the Sunday. What do we do, we wondered. Have a race involving the patrons. Winner gets cold beer. Some guy wandered to the front of the stage as this was being announced and asked what he would win if he did it in the nude. MORE cold beer, of course. The following year the race was held again - as it was a talking point from the year before - and several people got nude, completely on their own accord. The year after we had to limit entry to only fully nude people, as there were so many people wanting to run. If you haven't seen a Meredith Gift, its pretty funny. It can be a bit confronting and tragic too, but mostly funny. There's always a crash, nude people tumbling along at speed, grass burns, injured penises, etc. You can watch some footage of previous Classic Gifts, which you can do by clicking here.



This year there will be one heat for the gents and one heat for the ladies. There will be six Crumpler Meredith Gift bags strewn across the track near the finish line of each heat. The 12 competitors who grab a bag then go through to The Final. The Final will be run immediately after The Heats, and will involve those twelve successful bag-grabbers racing for The Golden Jocks as usual. The first lady to pass the post will take out The Golden Gussett.



The Marvellous Town Bikes are an institution in their role as Special Gift Mistresses; taking registrations, issuing instructions, marshalling the runners and most wonderfully firing the starters pistol. Believe me, you will do what they tell you.


All competitors must register this year, by going to the Big Tree near The Gift Shoppe at 1pm and signing an Indemnity Form, then getting a stencil sponged onto their torso. The Gift runs at about 2pm Sunday.



- Anyone at the Festival can enter.

- ALL entrants must be nude or underpanted.

- Gaffer tape can be used to fix the underpants to the buttocks, to prevent riding. 'Wedgies' are always welcomed and often amusing.

- Any competitor wearing Lycra will be set on fire.

- Spectators must stand well behind the sidelines unless they want to trip someone over.

- Competitors may NOT drive their car instead of running.

Past winners include

The Two-Bearded Man, Trevor and three time Champ Richo The Plumber, and Jarrod Red Cap.

Amateur footage of the 2008 Meredith Gift can be viewed here.